Nadiya Fedchyshyn


In 1992 graduated from Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsy State University, Faculty of Romance and German Philology, Specialty: "German Language and Literature", qualification: German Philologist, Instructor of the German Language and Literature.

2009 – defended the thesis on "The didactic system of Johann Friedrich Herbart and its influence on the development of home education" in specialty 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics, the scientific supervisor A. Vykhrusch, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.

Mrs. N. Fedchyshyn has been doing her doctoral studies at Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University since 2014.

Methodological and Scientific Publications:

Mrs. Nadiya Fedchyshyn is the author of more than 100 scientific papers in pedagogics, methodology of teaching foreign languages, and a participant of All-Ukrainian and International applied research conferences.