Mariana Sokol


2006 – graduated from the faculty of foreign languages at V. Hnatiuk Ternopil State Pedagogical University. Specialty: “Pedagogy and methodology of secondary education. Language and Literature (English)”, qualification: English, French and world literature teacher.


2011 – defended the thesis on "Pragmatic aspects of paratext (on the material of Ivan Franko «Zakhar Berkut»)" in specialty 10.01.06 – theory of literature.

Mrs. M. Sokol has been doing her doctoral studies at Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University since 2016.

2018 – defended doctoral’s thesis on «System of pedagogical concepts» in specialty 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics.

Methodological and Scientific Publications

Mrs. M. Sokol is the author of more than 57 scientific papers in pedagogics, methodology of teaching foreign languages, and a participant of All-Ukrainian and International applied research conferences.

Research interests:

Pragmatic aspects of paratext, paratextuality, system of pedagogical concepts, conceptual and categorical apparatus.