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Effective communication skills are important for any worker, but particularly important for a medical one. Dealing with patients needs a lot of communication skills to calm them down or to let them at ease and open for effective communication. The medical worker must be able to communicate effectively with the staff, patients, family members and colleagues both of his or her native country and from abroad. Failure to communicate successfully and efficiently can affect the professional’s career. The well-formed communication skills enable to express thoughts clearly and distinctly, to analyze, to argue, to confirm or to disprove the information, to establish interpersonal relationships, to coordinate the own actions with colleagues’ ones, to choose the best style of communication in various business situations, to make and to maintain a dialogue. Thus, effective communication skills are of the utmost importance and an essential part of building and maintaining good physician-patient and physician-colleague.

Learning the foreign languages (English, German, French) and Latin at the Department of Foreign Languages provides the transfer of socially and professionally significant information to medical students, the working out the skills of using the foreign sources in their professional activities and training the future professional for continual education. This task is performed in conditions of professionally oriented learning a foreign language and Latin. The professionally directed approach of the teaching staff at the Department of learning foreign languages (English, German, French) and Latin involves the formation of students’ abilities of foreign language communication in specific professional, business, research branches and situations, taking into consideration the particularity of professional thinking during the organization of motivational and tentatively research activities.